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Greens ERP is designed to enable the manufacturer to plan,....
Transoft is an ERP designed for transformer manufacturing companies to automate....
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Greens ERP
Greens ERP is designed to enable the manufacturer to plan, implement and monitor the entire processes of product development and manufacturing. This provides the enterprise to adapt quickly to ever-increasing industry requirements.

It strengthens all the three levels of management making life much simpler. The end user finds it very simple, friendly and comprehensive. Enhanced productivity and streamlined output is the end results promised.

Greens ERP can be used in firms /wide variety of industries, in which the client companies will get complete control over the planning and management of all the facets of their operations.

  • Greens ERP is provided with all functionalities needed for small manufacturing companies to corporate giants.
  • It serves right from the concept, estimation, design, production- planning, purchase, production, inventory, marketing, sales, HR and accounts.
  • It provides scope to track and analyze orders and market trends. It also helps to track the inventory, to plan purchase and to better utilize the stock in hand.
  • It provides multi-company, multi-branch features and multi-currency with exchange rate table for universal application and single-desk monitoring. Every transaction will be stored with information of amount in base currency, amount in currency in which transaction is made.
  • Encrypted password access to user level, application level and module level. Enhanced reporting facility with multiple filtering options. Drill-down facility to lowest transactions in major reports.
  • It covers various accounting transactions in detail with necessary built in controls and checks which will in turn provide accurate and timely flow of data for record keeping, analysis and management decision making.
Greens ERP enable companies to access, analyze and measure all the Key Performance Indicator to make the decision that can increase revenue, profit growth, productivity and opportunity.
Transoft is an ERP designed for transformer manufacturing companies to automate the entire manufacturing process reducing costs of production, improving work force utilization to increasing customer satisfaction by delivering high quality transformers.

Transoft serves right from the concept, Marketing, design, production- planning, purchase, production, inventory, marketing, sales, Financial Accounting. Financial modules are integrated with the distribution and manufacturing applications making Transoft as an integrated product.

Reports generated during the operations- department wise:
  • Offer register
  • Undecided offers
  • Sales order register
  • Unexecuted orders
  • Sales register
  • LOI register
  • Order cancellation register
  • Analysis of lost orders, orders received
  • Summary of status wise offers
  • Yearly performance analysis
  • Performance of agents
  • Various graphical performance analyses
  • WO register
  • BOM details
  • Variance of actual consumption and BOM
Provision of PSS (projected stock status) based on
  • Production planning for the period
  • BOM issued to the planned WO
  • Opening stock of Raw materials
  • Unexpected PO
  • Opening WIP
Analysis of actual production against Planned Production.
Manhour requirement for the month as per the planning.
  • Register of PO.
  • Analysis of pending PO.
  • Details of materials from supplier site.
  • Expected receipt of materials as per PO and lead-time.
  • Supplier wise material lead-time details.
  • Supplier Rating based on delivery schedule, quality, pricing, communication and response.
  • Freight Bill register.
  • List of all GRN’s for which freight bill is not loaded.
  • Purchase register
  • Purchase return register
  • Issue register
  • Material Ledger
  • Material Stock details
  • Raw materials in WIP
  • Raw materials issued to FG
  • Report of materials damaged during the period.
  • Other registers of damaged materials , scrap, physical stock transfer etc.
  • Delivery Note register
  • Sales return register.
  • Stock details for the FG
  • Reports based on minimum stock level and reorder level.
  • Analysis of moving and non moving materials
  • Stock aging reports
  • Report of Inward materials and remarks, if any
  • Production report
Production (FG and semi FG (Tanks, cable box, channels etc))
  • Daily production reports
  • Job history
  • Register for material receipt against the request
  • Man hour utilization details
  • OT details
  • Scrap register
  • Rework details
  • Details of WIP (jobs and materials)
  • Trial balance
  • P&L account
  • Bank Reconciliation statement
  • Supplier payment details
  • Creditor’s/Debtor’s aging report
  • Daily ank statement
  • Cash flow statement
  • FG costing
  • Rawmaterial Stock valuation
  • WIP material valuation
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